Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Soup

Over the last several days, we have been talking with executives involved in IT Outsourcing about our recent release. What is astounding to us that these executives don't consider it news that less than 40% of customers expect to be with their primary vendor three years from now. Not news? They already knew this and don't seem concerned?

What ???

Yes. It's true. In each discussion, we received ho-hum, yeah...we knew that...kinds of responses. Like this news wasn't news to them. We were shocked. And still are. Dave and I started to talk about it more and we think the underlying problem is what we call "The Soup."

"The Soup" is where we live. It is our environment, our circumstances. We live in "The Soup" so we don't see that we and the soup are separate. Ask a fish to descibe water. They can't - it's just there (also they don't speak very well). However, because they don't live in "The Soup", outsiders can see it for what it really is - a smelly, hot environment that will get you eaten up if you stay in it.

This is where the IT Outsourcing firms are right now. They have no awareness that they're living in "The Soup." As outsiders, we can see they are in trouble. Come on, only 38% of current revenues are safe! This is trouble with a capital "T". Yet, don't we all fall into the same trap? Don't we all become unaware of or comfortable with the status quo in our own environments. To loosely paraphrase the Bible, "How can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the soup out of your eye,' when all the time there is soup in your own eye?"


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